Welcome to our new adventure!

We are Helena, Marina and Eva and we declare ourselves food lovers!

The idea of creating this WordPress is to find the most suitable restaurants in Barcelona for different types of food. We thought it was a great idea because not all people have the same taste in food and we are not different. As we all prefer different food, we thought that every month we will pick a certain type of food and we will find the restaurants that we think offer the most quality and variety on that specific food.

How is it going to work?

As the month has four weeks, we thought that the first three weeks we will post video and information about 3 different restaurants and basically we will provide video content, text and images, because we think that our content will be more exploited visually.

As for the last week of the month, we will post a recipe of our choice and we will make a video explaining all the process to make it, also we will post interviews about people that could bring something to the table or know about food.

Our profiles

As we said at the beginning, we are three and we have different tastes and alimentation habits and maybe you will identify more with one or other depending what kind of lifestyle you follow.

That’s why the three of us will make a presentation of our life styles and which type of food is more suitable for our schedules. And also we’ll give our opinion of the different restaurants que go to.

A part from the blog, you can find us in Instagram as: keepcalmeatwithus

If you want to meet us, stay tuned next week!

Until next week food lovers!



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