Get to know us!

I’m Helena. Also known as “The busy girl”. Why the busy girl? I have a very stressful routine, from 7 am that I wake up until 8.30pm that I arrive home. I work from Monday to Friday from 9 to 12am in a radio station very popular in Spain (COPE). After that, I go to the school Loreto Abat Oliba to take care of children. When I finish that, I’m exhausted but I have to go to the university, so I have to eat very quickly in order to arrive in time and be punctual! As I eat at school there is a lot of variety but, at the same time, there is free buffet and sometimes I don’t eat as well as I should…

I’m Marina. Also known as “The Sporty Girl”. Why the Sporty girl? . As you can see I love sport. I could not live without sports. Until recently I was playing volleyball at FC Barcelona but had to leave due to incompatibility with the University timetable. But that didn’t brought me down to quit sports and continue to lead a healthy life. Every morning when I wake up and I go running I think: “You can, you need it! As for the food, I like everything, and I try to eat a balanced diet with vegetables, fish, meat and fruit. If you do sport, you need to eat well and not skip any meal. If you’ll like to know more tips on how to balance sport and food keep posted!

I’m Eva. Also known as “The Tupper girl”. Why the tupper girl?, well I live in a rush and that made me change my eating habits. In the mornings I work until 2 and in the afternoons I start uni at 4. As you can see I do not have enough time to go to my house, prepare dinner and eat. That’s why the “tupper” has been my life saver. Because I’m always in a hurry in the mornings, from Monday to Friday I make myself dinner at night and I put it in my tupperware, I always try to be original and diverse  in what I eat every day and actually it has been easy to organize my every day eating habits. I’ve always eaten a little bit of everything, I eat very healthy but what happened to me when I ate at home is that I always eat more quantity than I should of so one of the perks of condensing everything in a tupperware is that you eat the perfect amount of food you need.


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