Flax & Kale: Become a fan of flexitarian food

In Spain in general it might be a bit complicated to be a vegetarian, not to mention a vegan. But in Barcelona it’s not that difficult, more and more places keep popping up.

Flax & Kale – The trendiest healthy place in the city. Gorgeous space and good food that even a meatlover gets excited about.

A tour through the history of modern vegetarian restaurant in the old city, the Flax&Kale, the new gastronomic adventure and business of Barri-Carles’s family who triumphs with their flexiterian kitchen in a large open space full of good vibes.

After thirty-five years behind the stove of the vegetarian restaurant “Paradis” (Lleida), the Barri-Carles family decided to start a new business adventure and cuisine and a vegetarian restaurant, Flax&Kale, was opened, and it was the only modern vegetarian restaurant that we could find in Barcelona, the Teresa Carles. The continuation of this restaurant and the evolutionary process of the family has been Flax&Kale, which is, in the words of the owners, “the brother of Teresa Carles.”


It is easy to guess its meaning. “It arises from the merger between the flexible and vegetarian words” explained the essence of its meaning Teresa Carles. Exactly, it is “a vegetarian diet in a 80% and based on animal protein in balance“. For many, this is the healthiest. And it is what inspires the letter of restaurant in Barcelona: Flax&Kale.

The project is from the same owners of Teresa Carles, another vegetarian restaurant in town. The Lleida cook, who has the the same name as the first restaurant, Teresa Carles knows how to create creative and tasty dishes. Other interesting things: how healthy Flax&Kale’s menu is, the adjusted prices and charming place, with an intimate interior, cozy and unpretentious.

No doubt. “The gastronomic booming trend right now in Barcelona calls for the healthy and natural”. After the fashion of the gourmet burger and, more recently, Peruvian cuisine is now the turn of the line care and one of the best examples is this newest Flax&Kale, an international name for a business that does not deceive.


If you are not vegetarian and “flax” and “kale” sound to you like Chinese let us explain to you that they are two ingredient, two veg, that inspired the name of this restaurant. The successful vegetarian restaurant nearby pioneered Barcelona to bet on this cuisine adapted to the contemporary palate, with rich and tasty recipes that makes you forget you are not eating animal protein.

In Flax&Kale, however, they have made a step further “betting not only a restaurant but also for a juice bar,” trying to bring this juices to Barcelona. In Flax&Kale the food is very good, without mattering the diet you follow. And if you know it’s healthy, with less remorse.

Finally, the Flax&Kale is welcoming, with exhibition of fruits and vegetables and jazzy soundtrack. Soon they will arrange upstairs, where they mounted a training room, a terrace and two private rooms.

“This is the kitchen of the future,” says Jordi, the son of Teresa Carles. Everything follows a healthy discourse on each plate is specified within what kind of diet is allowed and all the ingredients that brings. In Flax&Kale the menu is changed every two to three months and have a specific breakfast, snacks and other, weekends and holidays, another brunch. Soon they will offer a more economical at noon proposal: Healthy Flax&Kale, a tray with a main course and a side dish.


The dining Flax&Kale is very New York

The son of Teresa Carles, Jordi Barri is a man who has traveled and have a lot of knowledge of all studies on the world of food. “I wanted to set something different, with the benefits of vegetarian cuisine but available to everyone,” said Barri.

Hence and trends that has seen around the world triumphed the Flax & Kale project, located near the Teresa Carles (and very close to Plaza Catalunya) arises. In the menu coexist the following concepts and products:

  • Flexiteriana diet. It has a section of blue fish.
  • Vegan diet. It does not support anything of animal origin.
  • Raw or raw vegan diet. They prefer raw fruits and vegetables, although they admit less than 46o cooking.
  • Gluten-free diet. Suitable for coeliacs and people who think that gluten is not good for our body.


The kale is a superfood

Anna Grau, vegetarian nutritionist, knows the essence of the restaurant and its food. “Flax (linseed, rich in omega) and Kale, a curly black cabbage (with many antioxidants and vitamins)” and translated the name of the restaurant food. It is a vegetable that is extremely popular in America and especially in Hollywood.

“It takes a lot of dehydrated like a snack,” said Grau. “Another is that also have in Flax & Kale is the buckthorn, a kind of small orange widely used in vinaigrettes,” explained the variety of foods we can find.

“What is important is the healthy cooking”. No microwave and not fried. Yes grilled, oven, boiled, wok, etc… Commitment as healthy for our body.

Green juices, the new “trend topic” of nutrition

Simple, natural and delicious, full of real elixir for the body. 
Its name may not be very attractive to us, but the opposite; Maybe when we try to think about what this new concept may feel rejection… but is one of the “trend topics” in the United States and has long been worldwide. Its popularity has been reinforced by the fact that the juices are a daily routine for “celebrities” like Gwyneth Paltrow Hollywood.

But what is the green juice?. “They are juices made with green leafy vegetables (spinach, lettuce, watercress, kale, mustard greens, arugula, chard, parsley …) and a touch of sweetness from the fruit,” says Anna Grau. This elixir “is loaded with nutrients easily absorbed by the body,” substances that help process fat, and vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients that protect and strengthen the body.


“Through a new technique all the pulp is removed, it does not lose its properties despite the passage of time”, a technique that has incorporated Jordi. The creatively prepared with different blends, in a section of the premises, the call Teresa’s Juicery. For now they have 15 references.

Vegetarian and exercise, a good mix?

Miriam Albero, blogger, athlete and a fan of fashion combines her studies of Education and Psychology with her workout routine. Channels the passion for the sport and for a healthy lifestyle through the triathlon. She started as an amateur in 2012 and today she lives with enthusiasm every day. “My passion for the sport I inherited from my parents. Since very little girl I practiced all kinds of sports and everyone in my family has had his sailing, skiing, surfing and triathlon … “, she says in her interviews.

She considers herself vegetarian, so the basis of her diet consists in “vegetables, fruits and legumes.” Although sometimes eats fish and eggs sometimes. And many grains: oats, wheat, rye … “I never measure the amount, I try to focus on the nutritional quality of food.”

Exercise is an extra effort and often intensive, so if indeed the vegetarian diet its incomplete, it can be a problem when practicing a sport, why?, Miriam says, “The best advice I can give is to focus to develop good habits. Change some small details and stop thinking about diets. ” “It’s not about eating more or less, just eat better.”



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