Green & Berry: An excellent addition to the vegetarian scene


On Sunday we decided to try out Green & Berry and since we entered we enjoyed the sthetics of the place, how it was organized and specially what we loved the most was the music that played in the background.

The decoration was incredible, with beautiful flowers,  lots of space (for bringing your laptop too) and a great lightning at the entrance.

When the waiter gave us the menu, we found that they have 4 different açai bowls to choose from! And great gluten-free cakes and also good food and juices. We love their avocado toast.

At the end we ended up ordering an avocado toast, banana and strawberry smoothies and because we are big fan of deserts, the three of us ate a different type of cake (cheesecake, carrot and brownie).

Our experience…

Marina: I didn’t know that this restaurant existed until we decided to go, but the truth is that it’s really nice. I liked this type of food because some of the ingredients they use for their dishes are the same that I eat in my daily life, such as avocado or fruit. As for desserts, its great to find places like this that has vegan sweets (without sugar). The carrot cake is one of the best I’ve ever tasted, although I found the brownie a little bit pasty.

Helena: I wasn’t a big fan of the cakes, even though I enjoyed very much my avocado toast and the “Passion” smoothie. It was the first time I tried raw food and I found it a little bit pasty. However the place was very comfortable and they offer a huge range of food. Also, what I enjoyed was the music that played in the background because it gives the place a vivid environment.

Eva: I was a big fan of the place, I’m really into this kind of healthy food: raw, delicious and sugar free!. I really loved how everything was organized, the huge freezers showing all the cold press juices so you can see the variety and choose the flavor you prefer. I would definitely come back to try out different dishes. It’s true that this food is not for everybody but I would recommend it for sure!


“Because being healthy is a lifestyle. And we want that everything we serve to be made at home” – Green & Berry

There’s a new healthy cafe that wants to share fresh cold pressed juices, homemade nut milks, vegan desserts and delicious healthy dishes with Barcelona… It’s philosophy is that being healthy is a lifestyle.


The idea comes from…

After living abroad in New York and Miami for one year, and seeing the massive growing health trend in the US everywhere, the owner of the restaurant, Christian Martinez, saw the perfect opportunity to spread some green love in our city, Barcelona because this concept was almost non-existent. His main purpose was to contribute to a healthier lifestyle and a different mindset for the local Barcelona residents.

The initial idea was to open a juice and smoothie bar in the United States, but finally he and his co-owners decided to find a place a bit bigger in town as well as a chef whose expertise was healthy vegetarian and vegan food, so they turned the idea into a full restaurant.


Green&Berry is placed in the street Enrique Granados, not a very touristic zone, in order to attract more locals, and for sure, who tries them, comes back


Green & Berry is open Mondays – Sundays from 8am – 10pm. You can learn more about them on their Facebook page or Instagram.

P.s. : On their Instagram account they put up our photo!!!


The perfect place to stop by for a healthy bite, especially for those following The Detox Journey!!!

See you soon food lovers!




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