Brunch & Cake: The name says it all, doesn’t it? 

Our experience…

We’ve always wanted to wake up on a Sunday morning and get ready for a nice girly brunch. Despite our many attempts, we’ve never managed to find the one: a place with that perfect menu and ambiance.

Today we found the one: Brunch & Cake.

On a sunny and warm  day you can enjoy your brunch outside on little wooden sofas with a blanket if you’re feeling chilly. The inside resembles that of a New York/Italian café: several mirrors here and there with cute sentences written on them, wooden chairs and tables, flowers and of course the “bar” where all the cupcakes and cakes are displayed, luring you in.


The drinks menu is ideal: coffees, teas and cold beverages are offered along with wines (glass or bottle), cocktails and the most famous alcoholic morning drink: Mimosa! All at reasonable prices. We took a red fruit tea and Mimosa (was feeling cheeky) and the tea was delicious and the Mimosa homemade: fresh orange juice with a nice Cava!

The food menu: WOW! Personally, the food is the main reason why we loved this place: everything is homemade, fresh, original and is not your typical “fried fatty breakfast”. It took us 15 minutes to decide what we wanted ! There’s choice for everyone: whether you’re a vegetarian, on a diet, looking for a breakfast or lunch meal,  terribly hungry, feeling peckish, have a sweet or a salty tooth you will be satisfied !

The portions are very good, the prices amazing and the feeling of satiety actually lasts (you’re not hungry 2h later).


Brunch & Cake, a restaurant/bakery offshoot of Cup & Cake — Barcelona’s original artisanal cupcake makers– is one of those spots you go to anticipating the line around the block. But clearly, with any line shuffling out the door, this can only mean the food is fantastic. And at Brunch & Cake, it truly is all about the food; regardless of what time of day it is– you can have breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast if that’s what you fancy. Anything is possible.

The key elements behind Brunch & Cake’s success and popularity are “ingredients, ingredients, ingredients so that something as simple as brunch can be simply the best.”

Another tried-and-true piece to the restaurant’s puzzle is its grandmothers’ philosophy: “make absolutely everything by hand and slowly, with care. Be honest and use the best possible ingredients.” Sounds like the only way food should be prepared, but unfortunately not all restaurants treat their food and eaters with the respect Brunch & Cake does. If you’re looking to satisfy your traditional american brunch craving when abroad, Brunch & Cake should be your first and only stop.


Besides fresh ingredients, Brunch & Cake is also known for its plentiful portions and impeccable service. Menu items that come highly recommended include the summer salad, ricotta pancakes, and eggs benedict over waffles.

Brunch & Cake is open Monday-Sunday from 9am-10pm, however expect to wait in line, as the popular breakfast, lunch, and dinner destination doesn’t take reservations.


Get to know the story of how Cup&Cake was born…

Considering the great success of Brunch & Cake and Travel & Cake, not to mention the two Cup & Cakes in the city, we thought it would be interesting and inspiring to know the person behind this great project.

Here you have a summary of the interview the creator of such wonder:

Manex is a Basque man of 32 years old, he has travelled different countries to discover new ways to reinvent himself.

He studied business, restoration and interior, so  he decided to put together all his knowledge and that is how the idea of ​​Cup & Cake came up.

Unfortunately its first store was too small to serve brunch and decided to focus on the concept cupcakes.


When he opened the Brunch & Cake decided to keep the same style and also could begin to focus on his culinary creations. He is the author of all the dishes served in their restaurants.

For Manex “the customer is the most important thing of the store”, so he always tries to take care of it providing excellent food created with quality raw material.

The concept of the local is a cozy place where people feel at ease thanks to a friendly service. “But the most important thing is that people come back for the food”, said Manex. “Not only because you can choose from different dishes and they change so that the client does not get bored, but also because the price / quality ratio is consistent”.

To be continued…

Remember you can find us on Instagram: @keepcalmeatwithus


See you soon food lovers!




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