Meet Delicious Martha!

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Delicious Martha, a young food lover whose passion is to create new recipes and share it with people through her blog, Youtube, Snapchat and Instagram.

With a degree in Advertising, Marta Sanahuja began to experiment with food. She’s one of the ‘foodies’ most followed at the moment. Her photos, videos and post in Delicious Martha  are ideal to those who are passionate about food.

We had the pleasure of interviewing her and getting to know her better. We decided to reach out for her because of her philosophy of portraying food.


1. Tell us a little about yourself, who you are, your interests, hobbies …

I’m a graduate in Advertising and Public Relations in love with the world of communication and gastronomy.

2. How did you start with food blogging? It was an initiative that you had or because you got inspired by other blogs?

After a year working in the advertising industry, I realized that in this sector I feel professionally comfortable. After making a change in my life, I discovered a deeper world, the gastronomy world and I felt very passionate about everything that involves food.

I started to follow the most popular blogs at that moment, to see how they prepare food, how they cook and make recipes and how they write so that I can build a blog of my own of my experience … So when I had collected an diverse amount of recipes, I decided to expose them to the people under the name of Delicious Martha.

3. Who or what has been your inspiration when creating your blog? 

For me, cooking is an art. It is an experience and each person can live it differently. I intend to convey or communicate my point of view towards food and convey what I feel for everything that surrounds it.

For this reason I decided to create Delicious Martha and gradually the rest came later.

4. Your studies in university  have been useful as a basis for Delicious Martha?

Yes. I studied advertising and the first two years I took a glimpse of journalism and broadcasting. Therefore, my studies have been great to get basic knowledge of journalism and communication from university … Although, of course, each person has to create their own style in a blog.

5. In the kitchen, where do you get inspiration?

I’m completely self-taught. I love to read and  explore new concepts, new flavors, new cultures … But when I’m in the kitchen I experiment with the recipes according to my imagination and I create new versions.

Although my aspiration is to be a cook I admire chefs and all those who are involved and I want to communicate about cooking with a personal age.

6. What ingredients are a must in your kitchen?

Chocolate, fruits, cheeses, vegetables and many spices.

7. Recommend a recipe on your blog, something that has been very successful and that you are the most proud of.

All of them! If I decided to publish them it’s because I think they deserve to be seen.


8. Is there something you never tried in the kitchen?

Luckily I’ve tried everything, but unfortunately (or fortunately) not everything always goes well … There are many previous errors before getting new and different things right.

9. Photos from your Instagram account struck by the colorful dishes and foods. Tell us your secret to shooting good food images!

There is no secret ingredient or a recipe hidden behind my photographs. The secret is putting different parts of a dish harmonically together with natural light and without spoiling any item.


10. There are many blogs, YouTube and Instagram accounts dedicated to food, recipes … What can we learn or what can Delicious Martha offer that others do not have?

Obviously everyone has his or her own style and ways of doing things. Delicious Martha certainly has characteristics of those who are creatively involved with it. The blog is simply the essence of the creator’s passion for cooking.

11. You have many fans, what do you think is the secret of your success?

Perseverance, dedication … If you love what you do you put your soul into it.

12. The blog, an Instagram account, a YouTube channel, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter … Does it mean a lot of work everyday to keep all these platforms up to date?

Lots. Everyday life is hectic. Create content, share it, establish a feedback … There comes a point where you taking pictures is done quicker than all the other things when before it was the opposite.

13. What advice would you give to those who after reading this interview want to start a project in food blogging?

If you have a dream, a passion, an idea, do not waste time and do it today. The results will not come tomorrow, but they’ll come sooner or later; and dedicate yourself to what really makes you happy.

 We decided to take on everything she told us and try to prepare one of her recipes!

The Upside down clementine cake!!


And… This is our result!!


See you food lovers!!



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