Timesburg: A bite that you won’t forget!

On the route of the hamburger in Barcelona Timesburg certainly deserves a special mention. Three friends, who were crazy about hamburgers made their gastronomic cravings in four local reference distributed in different neighborhoods of the city (Eixample, Sants , Poblenou and Sant Pau).


When we entered the place we felt that it was a very welcoming space, it has an urban vibe, with huge windows, reclaimed furniture and lots of wood details. Burgers are all made with 100% beef, and there are lots to choose from. You can put your own burger together by adding in the menu ‘extras’, such as different cheeses, bacon or jalapeños. You can also pay €2.50 extra and plump for organic meat.

The local Timesburg is a burger gourmet in the making: the best bread, the best meat and the best ingredients for burgers signed with the seal of the chain, a real guarantee of quality. The “moment Timesburg” is the creation of the perfect burger, in addition to the proposals on the menu for your burger you can choose the type of bread and select extra ingredients, never forget to try their fries!!!

In the menu of Timesburg you can find a dozen proposals from different burgers with meat 100% beef, wagyu, premium chicken or tofu. Eva’s favorite was the Cabra burger, a delicious concoction of melting goat’s cheese, caramelized onions and rucula, this definitely is one of the most successful combination. Eva tried it and as a cheese lover she enjoyed it very much.


Helena tried the Osaka hamburger with Japanese mayonnaise, wakame, teriyaki sauce, tomato and lettuce. She thought it was tasty but if she preferred the one that Marina got which was the Rodeo with bacon, cheddar, crispy onion, tomato, mayonnaise and BBQ sauce Timesburg. When Marina had a bite she entered in a parallel dimension, she ate it in like five seconds!

To accompany the delicious burgers we ordered fries or salads.


Although the food is incredibly good, the decor is very precise and detailed. We noticed that what really stand out from other restaurants is the coziness  and bright ness of the place thanks to the large windows, the furniture is made by recycled materials and they always have plants to give a green dot to the environment.

If you know you’re a burger lover, you can not miss Timesburg burgers. Some burgers certainly deserve to be on the list of one of the best in Barcelona.


Efficient, friendly service, caramelized onions, and real potatoes! oh, and organic beef, plus “plastic” cups made from CORN.

See you soon food lovers!!!



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