Meet Gastroadikta!

Gastroadikta, a young food lover whose passion is to create new recipes and share it with people through her blog, Snapchat and Instagram.

With a degree in Hofmann, the cooking school, Anna Barri began to experiment with food. She’s one of the ‘foodies’ most followed at the moment. Her photos, videos and post in Gastroadikta  are ideal to those who are passionate about food.

We had the pleasure of interviewing her and getting to know her better. We decided to reach out for her because of her philosophy of portraying food.

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Tell us about yourself, who are you, your interests, hobbies…

My name is Anna. I live in Argentona. I’m a passionate about all the things relating to gastronomy. I have a degree in Business Administration. After working as an accountant I decided to start studying pastry in Hofmann cooking school, in Barcelona. I loved it so much so I quitted my job because I wanted to learn more about this world. I moved to Madrid where I was studying 9 months in Le Cordon Bleu, where I did the Pastry diploma, obtaining the title of Pastry Chef. Now I’m making cakes by order in my house and I’m studying kitchen in Hofmann and studying a SEO course at UNED.

Other passions…

I love to travel, I can’t count with the fingers of my hands all the countries I’ve been, I try to make at least 2 trips a year.

I love animals, my favourites are cats.

I’m watching lots of American and British series: Modern Family, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory…

I love all about England and USA.

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  1. How did you start in this world? It was your own initiative or you collected ideas from other blogs? We can see that you have some diplomas from Hofmann…

I don’t know exactly how I started. I just remember one day I started looking at all the cooking magazines my mother had in my old house. After this I started asking my mother to cook, first I did typical Spanish dishes and then I began looking at books from some recognized Michelin chefs. Here is where I think all started, we began going to Michelin restaurants, discovering new places, new foods, trying to do some dishes from restaurants or from books and going to courses, the more I discovered about the world the more I wanted to know.

   2. Who or what was your inspiration when you created your blog? Why did you decide to do this type of blog?

My best friend was always asking me for some recipes I have done. At that moment I only shared the pics of the dish in my Facebook, without any recipe. She had a blog about Japanese comics and she was the one that told me to make a blog about my recipes. I thought it was a good idea because I was saving word documents in my computer with the recipes I was doing and having it in the internet would be a way to have it saved and shared it with other people.

   3. Your university, it has been a basis for Gastroadikta?

Not until now. Now I’m starting to earn money from my blog and from my Instagram so in this point I’m starting to use all the knowledge I gained in the Business Administration degree to negotiate with some brands.

   4. In the kitchen, where do you get inspiration?

Usually from the Internet, my favourite source for inspiration are English and American blogs, they have some exceptional recipes. Another source is my cooking books, also I have more International books than Spanish books.

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  5. What products are a must in your kitchen?

Difficult question… I always have different kinds of dried pasta and I do the sauce. Other things that are always in my fridge are fresh vegetables, like tomato, green beans, zucchinis, egg plants.. Dairy food like yogurts, flam, heavy cream and low-fat milk. Eggs are a must. And in the pantry I always have potatoes, onions and garlic, cookies, broths that I use for sauces, cans of tomato, capers, asparagus and tuna, and a lot of spices, I love spices and I love to bought them when I travel worldwide.

  6. Recommend a recipe on your blog, something that has been very successful and that you are proud of.

The cherry gazpacho, a recipe I did from Dani Garcia. Now that summer is coming is a very refreshing dish and the cherries give a special and delicate flavour. I’m proud of this recipe because it belongs to one of my favourite chefs, Dani, who is friend of mine and have made a recipe that was once in his restaurants, with 2 Michelin stars is for me very satisfying. Also with this recipe I returned to my blog after a period without publishing and seeing in the comments how people were happy about my return makes me keep publishing.

  7. Is there something you never dared to do in the kitchen?

I think I tried to do all kind of things, I’m not afraid of fire or any technique. I’d love to use liquid nitrogen but I can’t buy it for a home use. I think that the thing that afraids me are some kind of ingredients, for example I will never use insects in my kitchen.

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  8. Photos from your Instagram account struck by the colorful dishes and foods, which is your secret to get a good photo?

Light. All the photos I shoot at home I do it with natural light. I hate when I go to a restaurant and the light is so low that I’m not able to get a good picture. Another secret is to have all the ingredients as fresh as possible, a vegetable or an aromatic herb have to be very fresh to look good in a pic.

  9. There are many blogs, YouTube and Instagram accounts dedicated to food, recipes … What can we learn or can we catch from Gastroadikta that others don’t have?

I think that the exit of my account is that people can trust me. I never publish a recipe in my blog/Instagram that doesn’t come out well, I have tried some recipes from very recognized blogs that don’t come out well, I’ve maked them 2-3 times and all times with the same bad results. The same thing can apply to restaurants, I will never recommend a restaurant that I don’t like or if I publish a picture from it and people ask me how it was I will tell them I didn’t like it and the reasons why.

  10. You have many fans and followers, what do you think is the secret of your success?

I always try to create engagement with my followers, asking them things about their tastes, replying to all comments (good and bad comments) and also commenting to their pics. I think they can see me as a close person and as a friend.

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  11. You have the blog, an Instagram account, Snapchat… It means a lot of work every day to keep all these platforms?

Some people think it’s easy but it isn’t… It requires me a lot of time to stay in all the social networks I have, most of the time I’m replying comments or commenting other pictures is while I’m eating, because the rest of the time I’m studying, going to events I’m invited to or shooting pictures.

  12. What advice would you give to those who, after reading this interview, they want to start blogging about food?

First of all, only publish the recipes that work, that’s the way people will trust you.

Shoot good pics, try to invest in a photography course or if you can’t buy it, there are some good tutorials on Internet, but they have to keep in mind that the first things readers will see in their blogs will be the pics. People tend to do first recipes from blogs with good pictures than from blogs with blurry or bad pictures, because we eat with the view.

At last but not least, write well. Read the text 5 times if you need, write it first in a Word Office document if you need it, just to make sure there’s no grammatical error. At when you are writing the recipe, it’s better to write more than less, because people need to understand all the steps and how they have to be done.

We decided to take on everything she told us and try to prepare one of her recipes!

The Brownie – Flan Oreo!!!


See you food lovers!



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  1. gastroadikta says:

    Hola!!! Moltíssimes gràcies per la entrevista!
    M’alegro molt que us hagueu animat a fer la recepta, espero que us agradi! Petonets i ens anem veient per Instagram!

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