Top 5: Sweet treats!




1) Boldú

If you go walking in the center of Barcelona, Boldú is a must stop. You can try one of their famous boldnuts, a perfect donut, fluffy dough with the right sweet spot. In addition, the relaxed atmosphere of the place, with good background music, and a smiling service gives an authentic break morning. For several months they’ve been offering cronuts, the New York Dominique Ansel invention. We could say they are the best donuts in all of Barcelona.


2) Chök

A new bakery specialized in donuts, from a small shop next to the Ramblas, it seems that is unleashing a real fever in catalan people. Donuts artisans, made daily, always covered with a layer of chocolate -white or black- and then another topping to choose from a variety: red fruits, pistachio, lime zest, banana , coconut, peta zetas or caramel.


3) Cup & Cake

They have several locations in Barcelona all with amazing aesthetics. Regarding the food, we’ve only tried the cupcakes and we can say that … are delicious! We loved them, we think they have climbed into the top 10 best cupcakes we’ve tried so far. For us, the cupcakes were on point: the tender cake and the spectacular coverage. For starters, impacts the amount of coverage you get, but it’s so delicious that you will not leave anything, that’s for sure! The aesthetics of their cakes and local combine perfectly.


4) Eyescream and Friends

Eyescream and Friends is an experience for the 5 senses: at the entrance there is an impressive buffet of ‘toppings’ which has sauces, fruit, chocolates, fresh milk, bits of biscuits, sweets, fruits … You can choose two and at the end of the tour, an ice cream flavor is requested: vanilla cheesecake (the house specialty), yogurt, chocolate, strawberry … Then they deliver a huge mountain of ice cream above which have two eyes made with sugar.


5) Lukumas

One of the key places for breakfast in Gràcia: this immaculate cafe is a meeting point of liberal professional, “modernillo” and ‘hipster’ good breakfast in the neighborhood. The Greek Petros Paschalidis bakes every day, using only natural ingredients, the Greek version of the donut: the Lukuma. They sell all kinds of flavors and fillings.


See you food lovers!!



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